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Del 2011-09-01 al 2014-12-31


EU needs an effective exit strategy from crisis: to this end innovation is a key issue for the EU industrial system. Innovation is a complex issue, requiring both special expertise and a large amount of knowledge. I.e., domain knowledge (on the industry sector) but also knowledge on technology, business models, finances, markets, etc.
Innovation is not an easily job for a single enterprise, then really a challenge for a networked virtual enterprise.
The BIVEE project intends to develop a rich framework, i.e., a software environment that includes business principles, models, and best practices, to promote innovation in virtual enterprise environments. Effective innovation needs to be aware of what is going on inside the VE, at the production level, and at the same time
outside it, where a plethora of elements move fast and often unexpectedly (i.e., markets, technology, finances, competitors, etc.). In BIVEE we introduced the notions of Value Production and Business Innovation space that shape the BIVEE framework, including the knowledge repository that collects all the required elements,
inside and outside the VE. The knowledge repository is the key asset of the Mission Control Room, that monitors and manages the VE production, and the Virtual Innovation Factory that produces innovation and manages its introduction in the VE. The workplan of BIVEE emphasizes the impact achievement. To this end it has been
based on two different trial applications (in furniture and high tech equipments, respectively), both organised in two major trial phases: Phase1 for monitoring the course of production before the introduction of BIVEE environment and Phase2 where the VE achievements are assessed having the BIVEE environment in place. The two trial cases are quite different, to prove the flexibility and adoptability of BIVEE. To achieve the objective goals we organised a strong industry-driven consortium, having 7 industrial and 2 research partners.


The purpose of the project was to provide technical assistance for increasing the productivity and efficiency of the furniture manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs product development and marketing capabilities are strengthened thanks to the provision of the manufacturing support and business development services through training and information, consulting and innovation services.
Bivee addresses the full lifecycle of the ‘inventive enterprise’ that spans from creativity and idea generation to engineering of new businesses, to continuous production improvement. The approach is aimed at putting people in the centre, with their creativity and competencies, providing a nurturing environment where open thinking and free interaction is more important than formal processes and stringent control (without relaxing on effective monitoring and performance evaluation).
• Monitoring and assessment of value production processes to identify innovation needs
• Monitoring of world innovation proposals, solutions, etc. to identify innovation opportunities
• Simulation and data analytics to understand pros and cons of innovation options
The project will concretely develop an IT platform and tools to enable enterprises to jointly, rapidly and virtually catalyse ideas for production system improvements and novel products, as a response to the inflexibility of the current paradigm.
The macro-architecture of the Bivee platform is conceived to put the business user in the centre.
In particular, the objective is to allow business experts (and all other involved actors) to monitor and manage both production and innovation spaces with an open, participatory style. To this end, the organization of the knowledge repositories, the offered functions and, overall, the user interfaces, is conceived to create a comfortable, familiar environment for the users.




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Año 2015: Developments carried out in the BIVEE project have resulted in important achievements in the innovation and production areas. These are briefly described as follows: • The Virtual Innovation Factory (VIF) oriented to the management of innovation, from the creativity step to the prototyping. This tool provides functions related to all the phases of the Innovation cycle, supporting the construction of the Innovation Map and the management of its advancement until completion. • The Mission Control Room (MCR) provides all the functions needed to support business people in the monitoring and optimisation activities, acquiring operational data from the field, elaborating them and preparing an effective presentation to the user. This tool considers the indicators defined in the KPI ontology and retrieves its values from the environment. • The Production and Innovation Knowledge Repository (PIKR) is a virtual repository, since the data, information, knowledge, and all the other digital resources reside and are managed where they are initially created. BIVEE is able to provide a unified view of the fragmented reality of a production map. To achieve this unified view, advanced techniques of heterogeneous data integration and semantic interoperability are adopted. • The Raw Data Management (RDM) is a multi-module subsystem responsible for the acquisition of raw data from heterogeneous information systems across the Virtual Enterprise. Leveraging PIKR’s metadata, it provides semantic lifting capabilities. The resulting “normalized” data is made available to Bivee applications by means of a service layer.


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