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Proyectos AIDIMA
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Del 2014-09-01 al 2017-08-31


The development of the project is to define the different scenarios in which companies are going to find in the future, by analyzing and identifying the new skills required of the current and future workers, horizontal skills or specific skills to maintain the position of the European furniture sector in the world, keep their jobs and students to access jobs with the level of competence required by enterprises, the unemployed youth to acquire these new skills by facilitating their access to the sector. This project will generate a relationship about the new skills demanded for the furniture sector in the future years, a system to evaluate if a worker or a future worker of this sector has the future skills, and a specific training material to facilitate the acquisition of these specific skills, and to recomended aobut the horizontal skill needded by the actuals and futures workers for this sector. The training material generated will be in e-learning format to facilate the training in the worplace or education, in VET centre.


1. The first step will be mapping the current business and education&training situation related to the furniture industry in each of the participating countries in the project.

2. The second step will be mapping the future furniture scenarios, scenarios in a completely globalized world, in which the European furniture sector must firstly, differentiate themselves from their competitors through design, creativity and innovation; and secondly, be able to work with or for other European or other international markets manufacturers. This mapping will lead to new business models that will set the competencies, skills and knowledge that employees of companies in the furniture industry must acquire to maintain competitiveness and positioning.

3. The third step will be obtaining the new competencies and skills needed to address these new business models, including those that must possess current workers, future workers and unemployed potential candidates, and which currently are contained in existing training content; and new competencies, skills and knowledge needed to address these new situations, among which we can find facing new technologies, materials, processes…

4. The fourth step is the development of a interactive questionnaire to allow both current and future employees of the companies and the jobless people to self-examinate, determining if they have these new skills or not, so that afterwards they will be recommended the training plan to perform in order to acquire these new skills and knowledge.

5. The fifth and final result that will be developed during this project will be e-learning technical training material that will enable the acquisition of those skills that will be demanded by companies for both current workers and future workers of enterprises in the coming years.

6. Furthermore, a pilot test will allow us to assess both the questionnaire determining their effectiveness, such as training materials for current, future and unemployed workers in the sector are performed.



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