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Del 2016-09-30 al 2018-03-29


ReNew 2020 idea is to put together educational, business and professional institutions with specific expertise in the field of youth training, in the waste collection and storage (solid waste, wood materials and fabrics) and in the interior design. Partners will bond to create a strategic partnership, to share their skills in order to develop a training project aimed at young employed and unemployed participants (age 20 to 30), from different nationalities and normal or disadvantaged backgrounds, to acquire new theoretical and practical skills in the field of recycling, reuse and conversion of intended to destruction stuff.
The Re-use is technique has different connotations and features depending on the materials (in relation to the waste found in the area) and on the destinations and outlets in the market. However, what we want to create with this project is a multi-cultural laboratory, where young participants will learn a "job", concretely applying the theoretical concepts related to the Re-use, and to experiment with new models of art related to interior and outdoor design (houses, gardens, offices, public spaces etc.) linked with the waste material recovery/reuse or with the recycling.
Besides, during the course of the project, the participants will attend training courses divided into modules such as: new marketing tools (e-commerce strategies, online marketing etc.), communication skills, self-entrepreneurship in the eco-sustainability field (creating "Canvas" business model, business plans, fund raising etc.). The project’s learning and teaching activities will be implemented through the following main channels: Virtual training, Laboratory exercises and Mobility project meetings.


development of a skill-training path dedicated to European youth to enhance specific and professional expertise in the Green Economy and Up-cycling sector, creating a strategic partnership between European organization (profit and non-profit) with specific expertise in the field of youth training, auto-entrepreneurship, design creativity and waste management. The partners will aim to share their skills and experiences in order to develop training courses aimed at young people (aged 18-29 years), new graduates, unemployed, precarious employers, youth with social difficulties or from disadvantaged backgrounds. The direct participants of the project will be 30 per each partner organizations, 180 in all. The indirect participants will be hundreds and more, considering that all the educational material will be open on line, it will remain accessible to everyone interested in the topics and it will be vastly disseminated through specific dissemination techniques.
Innovative ICT tools, non-formal educational activities and cooperative learning techniques will encourage participants to acquire knowledge and auto-entrepreneurial skills, such as: basics of the marketing, implementation of commerce planning, web marketing, business model and business plan, leadership and team management, design management, software and product design. The educational path intend to train the youth participants to compete in an increasingly competitive international market, improving the Re-use product value by generating aesthetic and practical innovations, adopting the possibilities offered by the latest technology and acquiring professional competences linked to the production technologies and design techniques applied in the Up-cycling sector. The course achieves to train professionals who combine creative skills with solid technical expertise, providing participants with the ability to face a product development process from concept to production


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